Take control of your Files in iPhone

With Umber's multiple security measures you can protect your private videos, photos or bookmarks, and prevent peeking from others.Add another layer of privacy to your media files, keep them hidden away even when your phone is unlocked.

User Guide: Download Videos

Visit from Umber's home and log yourself in to, find any video you like then click "Download". So easy!

  • HTTP: Download resume supported
  • Unlimited downloads for subscribe users
  • Play locally

“It's not easy to download my favorite videos into my iPhone. Now I finally get there, Umber rocks my world!”

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Secure Private Videos/Images

Protect your videos/images/files in your iPhone's album, make them visible ONLY for you. No one can see your privacy without password or Face-ID.

Hide the decoy page, where you go is invisible while you switch Apps in your iPhone.

“It's an awesome safe box for all my privacy, personal videos/images, business files and even more!”

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